2015 some clients' feedback:

Hi Tang Jun,Wow that's a great photo! Yes I reach home safely at 0500. I also realised that Dark-breasted Rosefinch is a new bird for me, so I got 7 new birds for this trip. Thanks for hosting me. Plain-backed Thrush would be new also, for next year! Let me know if you photograph that Mountain Finch in July. Have a good tour and best wishes to the family.Cheers,Albert

Hi Tang!Hope everything is just fine!Many thanks for good Company, good guiding and good arranging on ourtour. We are all very pleased.Many fine memories to sort out now - and pictures to look at.
We'll keep in contact!Wish you all the best,Curre

Hi Tang Jun,Back in the UK now after another good China trip.It was great to meet you again after so long and I am very pleased that you have become a keen birder. Also thank you for help with up to date info.Please keep me informed of any news on your proposed Snow Leopard trip next year.Kind regards,Dave  

Dear Tang Jun, Thanks, once again, for all the work you did on making the Sichuan trip  a wonderful birding experience!    I think it was one of the best trips  I've every been on---  good birds, delicious food, interesting places  and beautiful scenery.I think we will have to plan a Tibet trip, perhaps in late June/July of  2017. I think I could get a group of 8 people together.Sincerely, Dana

Tang,The trip was really successful. We managed to get good views of most of our targets. Mr. Liu was an excellent driver, and your company did an excellent job organizing the trip. We did not have any problems during the trip.I look forward to using your company again when I go birding in China, and I will recommend it to others planning trips to China.Thank you,Nick

Dear Tang Jun,Very many thanks for all your help with our trip. We had a great time in Fujian and saw many good birds. Even though the Chinese Crested Terns failed to show up, our morning on the estuary was fine with many crested terns and good waders. Everything worked very well and Steven An is an excellent guide - very friendly and caring as well as knowledgable. He gave us a very happy and memorable week in Fujian.Many thanks also for arranging Foping permits for us. The Blackthroats behaved and we all enjoyed our visit there as well as to Sichuan. I will happily recommend China Bird Tour for their excellent service to anyone wishing to visit and hope that it is not too long before I am birding in China with you again.Many thanks again and Best wishes Richard

Hi Tang Jun,Sorry it's taken a while to get round to writing this, but we would like to thank you for organizing a thoroughly enjoyable and successful trip. We were extremely lucky with the weather, especially on our first day at Balangshan, and only suffered light rain on our final morning, meaning we were able to get good looks at many of the major species. In total, we rattled up 10 pheasant/partridge species, including 3 Chinese Monals above the tunnel, a male Temminck's Tragopan that walked across the road and excellent views of Snow Partridge and Tibetan Snowcock near the pass. We did pretty well with the warblers too, with species of 10 Phylloscopus, 2 each of Seicercus, Cettia and Bradypterus, whilst an amazing male Firethroat on Erlangshan was arguably bird of the trip - it kept Oscar & I entertained for over an hour as it sang in a tree above our heads. In all, we managed a total of more than 160 species. 
Please pass on our thanks to Mr Liu who was an excellent host and driver, and very accommodating to our wishes. He looked after us very well and was extremely patient with our numerous requests to stop to look at things, even during the very long drive to Rilong.
Many thanks once again and I (Mark, at least) hope to return to China soon and will be in touch when we do.With our very best regards,Mark, Oscar & Steve

2014 some clients' feedback:

Dear Tang Jun,Thank you for giving us so many variations of meals and introducing us to the local cuisine. Also, we shall never forget the magnificent scenery, as well as those fantastic birds! We arrived home safely and even managed to make the connection in Hong Kong after the flight delay in Chengdu.  Graham is now working on his life list in order to add all the new birds! We want to thank you for organising the tour and for looking after us so well. We shall have many happy memories of our time in China. We enjoyed your company as well as that of our great driver, Mr Ching. (Is that his correct name?!)  Thank you for giving us so many variations of meals and introducing us to the local cuisine.  Also, we shall never forget the magnificent scenery, as well as those fantastic birds! All Good Wishes Mary and Graham

All in all, we were very happy with the trip, one of the best we have done!Annika

Dear Tang Jun,   The trip went very well and was exactly what I wanted. Roby /Lei Zhu was very knowledgeable and a very pleasant guide as were also the driver/s and driver’s wife.   Yes, it would be great to go to Sichuan in the future and of course if I go there I certainly contact you for that. For the time being though, the only possibility for China may be a another very short trip to Shanghai (as the one this year) next October but still nothing is definite yet, as it depends on work & time availability.   So let’s keep in contact!   All the best,   David

2013 some clients' feedback:

Dear Tang Jun,  Thanks for all your help on my trip these paste few weeks. It was really fantastic and I hope to get back to China again next year. I hope you managed to escape Tibet, I'll buy you some beers if you tell me the whole story one of these days. All the best, Rob

TangJun: Thanks for the photos! I have returned to Texas From Mongolia and California. The Mongolian trip w/ Nomadic Journeys was very poor. We were riding in the car or stuck in camp most of the time. Did not take any extensive hikes (ie. to search for my targer Altai Snowcock). Consequently very few birds were seen, and only two of my 6 target spp. Also, no Mongolian food! Oh well. However China was wonderful. We all thank you for a great trip. Jennefer and I (possibly a 3rd person) would like to come to SE China in January 2015. Cranes and waterfowl primarily. Early in the month would be preferable, but we are flexible. At some point I will work up a list of birds, similar to what I did for the recent trip. Anyway, just wanted to touch base, confirm that this still fits your plans, and begin to set a date (although there is no real rush on this). Best, Craig

Hi Tangjun, I trust that you are well. I have just been away with James (to Sumatra and Java) and I gather that rather belated congratulations are in order. Have fun Tony and Celia PS Some nice photos on Surfbirds as well I see. Hello Summer, I enjoyed my trip to Sichuan very much. The tour was a great success and that was due in a large part because of your efforts - you worked extremely hard to make sure we were comfortable and well fed.  We also appreciated your skill at identifying birds for us. With good luck for the future, Bob Jones

Re: Summer Wong We would like to express our satisfaction with Summer Wong as the local travel guide on the Birdtour Asia trip around Sichuan (May 18-June 8). Summer spoke excellent English and helped us with our rudimentary Chinese. She was always happy to be with and talk with everyone on the trip, younger and older, and took care to accommodate our needs. She was knowledgeable about local facts and habits and was keen to share her knowledge. Likewise, she was keen to learn about plants, animals and rock formations and we, being teachers, were keen to share our knowledge. We were very pleased with her arrangements for meals. From picnic breakfasts or lunches to evening meals, everything was well-organized. Her selection of dishes for the evening meal was superb: we were particularly pleased to try local specialties and restaurants. She arranged meals so that they were always ready at a suitable time: this is important on such a busy tour. Snacks appeared at just the right time. Summer was very good at liaising with both the driver and the tour leader. She frequently called hotels to arrange our arrival and registration and also restaurants to arrange the timing of the meal so no time was wasted. Summer was also an excellent bird-finder. She already knew the calls of many of the birds, was quick to learn the calls of new birds we wanted to see and could pin-point their position accurately. It was actually Summer who found a rare bird for the group. She stayed with any who were slower than the rest of the group and was able to identify the birds for everyone. Having Summer as our local guide definitely enhanced our enjoyment of the trip…possibly our only visit to China…and made us want to return. We strongly recommend Summer and would ask for her if we return to China. Jan and John Jones

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